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Strategic Management involves formulation and execution of short and long-term goals, based on an assessment of the internal and external environment in which the organisation competes and resources available.

Under Strategic Management, AlBrandz offers a total project plan, specifying the organisation’s objectives, formulating policies and plans designed to achieve these objectives, and allocating resources to implement the plans. AlBrandz applies models and frameworks developed by management gurus and experienced practicing managers to assist in strategic decision making in the context of complex environments and competitive dynamics. Strategic Management is not static in nature; the models often include a feedback loop to monitor execution and inform about the next round of planning.

Strategic planning helps to set an organization’s strategy straight, and facilitates in taking decisions on allocation of resources to pursue this strategy. It may also include control mechanisms for better implementation of the strategy.

The major process of Strategic Management is planning and implementation, which involves formulating decisions regarding how the organization’s resources (i.e., people, process and IT systems) will be aligned and mobilised towards fulfilling the objectives. Strategic Management explores, how the organisation’s resources are structured (such as by product or service or geography), leadership-hierarchy, communication plan, incentive schemes, and monitoring mechanisms to track progress.

Running the day-to-day operations of the business is often referred to as ‘operations management’ or specific terms for key departments or functions, such as ‘logistics management’ or ‘marketing management’, which take over once Strategic Management decisions are implemented.

What we do:
PEST (Political, Economic, Social and Technological) analysis
Covers the remote external environment elements such as political, economic, social and technological (additionally, PESTLE includes legal/regulatory and ecological/environmental).
Scenario Planning
Also called scenario thinking or scenario analysis is a strategic planning method that some organizations use to make flexible long-term plans.
Porter Five Forces Analysis
Addresses industry attractiveness and rivalry through the bargaining power of buyers and suppliers and the threat of substitute products and new market entrants.
SWOT Analysis
Addresses internal strengths and weaknesses relative to the external opportunities and threats.
Growth-Share Matrix
Framework first developed by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in the 1960s to help companies think about the priority (and resources) that they should give to their different businesses.
The nine steps to success
The Balanced Scorecard Institute’s framework for Strategic Planning and Management. A key benefit of using a disciplined framework is that it gives organizations a way to ‘connect the dots’ between the various components of strategic planning and management, meaning that there will be a visible connection between the projects and programs that people are working on, the measurements being used to track success, the strategic objectives the organization is trying to accomplish and the mission, vision and strategy of the organization.
The Balanced Scorecard (BSC)
is a strategy performance management tool – a semi-standard structured report, supported by design methods and automation tools that can be used by managers to keep track of the execution of activities by the staff within their control and to monitor the consequences arising from these actions.

The critical characteristics that define a balanced scorecard are:

  • Its focus on the strategic agenda of the organization concerned.
  • The selection of a small number of data items to monitor.
  • A mix of financial and non-financial data items.
Our advice delivers because we merge business sense with technical strength, which benefits organization to:
  • Discharge board responsibility.
  • Ensure an objective assessment.
  • Provide a framework for decision-making.
  • Support understanding and buy-in.
  • Enable measurement of progress.
  • Provide an organizational perspective.

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I wanted to thank you again for all your dedicated and savvy work on behalf of my business and let you know about some of the successes the work we did together helped me generate. Your strategic planning and analysis and your focus on consistent action propelled me.

Ms. Asma
MD, Proflex Industries CO. LCC.

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