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At the global scale and in the broadest sense Environmental & Sustainability management involves managing the oceans, freshwater systems, land and atmosphere, according to sustainability principles.

Land use change is fundamental to the operations of the biosphere because alterations in the relative proportions of land dedicated to urbanisation, agriculture, forest, woodland, grassland and pasture have a marked effect on the global water, carbon and nitrogen biogeochemical cycles. Management of the Earth’s atmosphere involves assessment of all aspects of the carbon cycle to identify opportunities to address human-induced climate change and this has become a major focus of scientific research because of the potential catastrophic effects on biodiversity and human communities. Ocean circulation patterns have a strong influence on climate and weather and, in turn, the food supply of both humans and other organisms.

While many organizations have taken the first step by developing environmental and sustainability policies, they may not have the best management system in place to support the policy’s implementation, tracking and reporting, and continuous improvement year after year. We offer management tools i.e. Environment & Sustainability Management System (ESMS) to develop and implement environmental & Sustainability policies.

Our advice delivers because we merge business sense with technical strength, which benefits organization to:
  • Nurture a sense of corporate and social responsibility.
  • Enhance environmental sustainability.
  • Plan and execute environmental initiatives.
  • Systematically improve the performance of an organization’s environmental impact.
  • Identify impacts and actions that cause them often reveal opportunities for the organization.
  • Address social and economic impacts in addition to environmental impacts.
  • Assess the status of your sustainability programs in real-time from a centralized system communicate sustainability performance to stakeholders.
  • Harmonize companywide business processes with your sustainability strategy.

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